Handcrafted Apple Watch strap from French Epsom calfskin - Butterfly buckle, buckle color selection

Color of Leather:
Handcrafted Apple Wach Strap in French Epsom Calf - Butterfly Buckle, Choice of Buckle Color


* The watch band is hand-made in Epsom leather, from the renowned Haas Tannery tannery. This leather is calfskin and is widely used in many Hermes products. Epsom leather is an embossed leather so the pattern is pressed against the leather, which has several advantages: retains its true shape under all circumstances and is completely scratch resistant, lightweight and cleans in just one time. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.
* Lining used Zermatt leather which is sweat resistant (great in summer) and hypoallergenic
* The ancient European two-needle "saddle stitch" technique is meticulously hand-crafted with French waxed linen thread for timeless durability.
* Thickness: 2.6mm - 2.8mm
* Adapters: Silver Steel / Black (Grey Metal) / Rose Gold or Gold
* There are 5/6 or 7 holes, depending on the length of the strap

- More than 50 meticulously handcrafted steps taken over many hours by a skilled craftsman

🌿 All products are made in one piece: cutting, molding, hand stitching, finishing… after we receive your order.

🌿 You will receive an item made with warmth and personal care from a small studio - leather workshop.

- Adapters are available in: Silver Steel / Black (Grey Metal) / Rose Gold / Gold / Blue or Red
- But the lock only has the colors: Silver Steel / Black (Grey Metal) / Rose Gold or Gold

👉 If you choose Silver Steel / Black (Grey Metal) / Rose Gold or Gold color Adapters => your watch band will be attached with the corresponding color buckle.
If you choose Blue/Red Adapters, please write in the box “personalize” the key color you want to use before completing your order. Otherwise, the bracelet will be randomly assigned a Silver Steel/Black buckle.

🌿 Depending on the color and size of the watch face, 38/40/41mm or 42/44/45mm, your smartwatch will have the right Adapters:

* Apple Apple size 38/40/41mm has the same size of Adapters
* Apple Watch 42/44/45mm same size Adapters

🧡🧡 Wristband CHART SIZE:

* Small size: wrist 5.6" - 6.2" (134 - 149mm) = 105mm / 70mm
* Standard size: wrist 6.3" - 7.5" (160 - 191mm) = 115mm / 75mm
* Large size: wrist 7.6” - 8.5" (191 - 216mm) = 125mm / 85mm
* Extra large size: wrist 8.1” - 8.5”(204 - 216mm) = 140mm / 85m


- Leather cord
- Lock up
- Adapters


Please leave a message if you have other requests about:

- Stitching style, stitch color, border paint color
- Thickness of wire

🌿🌿🌿 NOTE:

The product color may be lighter or darker than shown in the photo, depending on the lighting at the time of taking the photo and on the monitor of the device you use.


The product comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime warranty. Please see our warranty policy

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