Genuine leather is a special natural material that needs proper care during use and storage. Each skin type has its own characteristics so the care is also different. Here are some guidelines to help you extend the life and beauty of leather products in general, details of each skin type you can read more in the skin types guide. 

  1. Avoid direct contact with water

All skin types with waterproof properties will still be damaged if exposed to excessive water. Because the waterproof layer is only a very thin surface layer of polymer that people create for it, beneath the polymer layer is real leather with water-resistant properties. Genuine skin when in contact with water will quickly rot, have an unpleasant odor, is a favorable environment for mold growth.

  1. Avoid the sun 

A little exposure to the sun usually does not affect the quality of the skin much, many skin types are also exposed to the sun in order to quickly patina (Veg tanned skin). However, long exposure time will make the skin surface dry, the skin becomes more brittle, more prone to cracking making the life of the skin reduced. If you do not use Veg leather products for the purpose of speeding up the patina color process, it is best to limit your product to sun exposure.    

  1. Regular use 

Leather products are often prone to mold if not used. Human contact with leather will eliminate that. If you own a genuine leather product, use it often. When not in use, you should store in a cool, dry, low humidity place to limit the risk of mold attacks. 

  1. Stay away from abrasives or sharp objects that can scratch. 

Leather items should not be shared with keys, pens, nail clippers, coins, etc. Sharp objects will touch and scratch the skin surface. If you are not a hobbyist who leaves personal marks on leather products, you should limit the exposure of such items to leather. 

Do not put too many things in the bag, will make the skin surface taut, deformed, easily scratched when impacted.

  1. Clean the surface and add moisture to the skin

Use a damp cloth to wipe the stain off if the surface of your leather item is contaminated with dry stains. Absolutely do not use chemicals such as alcohol, alcohol, xylene, dutin, ... because these chemicals can cause changes in skin color and texture.

When you feel that the surface of your skin is starting to dry or crack, it's a sign that you need to moisturize the skin. Some skincare products you can refer to: Shaphir, Milk Oil, Woly, ...

If you need a professional care for leather products purchased at Halcyon, you can go directly to our factory in Hanoi, or send the product to us to receive a free maintenance regime.