What are the uses of car key covers? How to distinguish real and fake key holster ? Those must be the questions of today's car owners, because there are many fake and poor quality goods on the market. Therefore, let's go to HALCY to find out the answer through the article below!

Distinguish real - fake car key holsters


Car key case is a small item but undeniably many uses that they bring, equipping the key with a leather cover is extremely necessary, it can tell the owner. is a person with aesthetic taste and meticulousness from the smallest things.

 Some of the key holster effects can be mentioned as:

  • Protect keys from factors such as sweat, hand pressure, impact force
  • Protect the key from falling during use, resulting in scratches and paralysis of the control functions
  • Limit some external factors such as dust and water damage to the key
  • Soft genuine leather with aesthetic design makes it easy to control, skin-friendly.

In addition, the car key cover is also a luxurious and stylish accessory that enhances the beauty of the gentleman. So is there a reason that you don't visit HALC to buy yourself a car key case? 


Currently, the market has many different types of key leather cases such as synthetic leather, cow leather, crocodile skin, ... the price of each type will also be different, if you don't know much about leather, you will easily get expensive. It's not the wrong purchase of fake leather at an expensive price. The following HALCY will help you distinguish which is the real car key case and which is the fake?

How to distinguish real leather from fake?

  • Distinguishing patterns on the skin 
  • First you need to pay attention to the pattern layer on the skin. Real leather will have a pattern (grainy layer) located in completely different positions, while synthetic leather will be printed uniformly in both size and form. Besides, if you pay close attention to real leather, you will see tiny holes lying evenly in the skin, with synthetic leather there will be no such point.

  • Distinguish the back of the skin
  • Real leather on the back will be a layer of suede, a lot of small fibers. Particularly, the back side is fabricated with a layer of fabric or some other material. 

    dermal periphery at halcy

  • Mass and water reaction
    • Real leather is always heavier than fake leather.
    • Real leather will absorb water slowly, the absorbent part will darken and it will return to original when the skin is completely dry. In contrast, synthetic leathers are water resistant because they are derived from plastic. 

    If you want to buy quality car key cases at an affordable price, contact Halcy World today. Diverse models, especially we are committed to products made from 100% genuine leather, helping to bring a great experience to customers.

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